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Q:     Can I get a catalog of National Casegoods’ products?

A:     Unfortunately, we do not have hard copies of product catalogs that can be sent directly to customers.  However, product catalogs are available to download here!  You can also check with your local National Casegoods retailer to view an up to date product catalog in their store.  A complete listing of furniture retailers in your area is found on our "Find A Store page".

Q:     Can an individual customer purchase products directly from National Casegoods?

A:     National Casegoods does not sell directly to individual customers.  National Casegoods sells its products through fine retail furniture stores across the country.  Retail furniture stores are the most valuable resources for product information, order assistance, delivery, and other answers.  A complete listing of furniture retailers in your area is found on our "Find A Store" page.

Q:     What if I see a wall bed I would like to order but there are no furniture stores in my area that currently carry National Casegoods products?

A: There are two answers for this question. First, you could email us your location and some of the stores you prefer in your area. We will take your request to those stores and work to have them bring our products into their inventory. Second, you could visit one ofour online retailers listed below. These retailers will ship to any location in the US and will be able to provide all of the pertinent info you need.

ATG Store
IVG Store

Q:     I really like a Murphy bed shown on your website.  Do your Murphy beds come in multiple sizes?

A:     National Casegoods manufactures beds in Queen, Full / Double, and Twin sizes.  The furniture retailer closest to you can assist you with ordering the bed size you need in the style you like.  A complete listing of furniture retailers in your area is found on our "Find A Store" page.

Q:     I already have furniture in the room where I plan to place a National Casegoods’ Murphy bed.  How can I be sure that the finish will match?

A:     The best resource for help with color coordination is your local furniture retailer.  These fine stores will often have finish samples that can help in this process.  A complete listing of furniture retailers in your area is found on our "Find A Store" page.

Q:     Why are there no prices shown on your website?

A:     Our website is designed to showcase the products we manufacture.  Prices are not shown on this site because each of our furniture retailers is independently owned and operated.  To see prices, please visit one of our fine retailers.  A complete listing of furniture retailers in your area is found on our "Find A Store" page.

 Q:     I’m not a particularly strong person.  How difficult is it to raise and lower the bed face?

A:     We thought about this very seriously when we considered which lifting mechanism to use with our Murphy beds.  We chose the piston lift mechanism because it is the most fluid and durable mechanism available.  Because of the positioning of the attachment points, the weight of the bed face is effectively counterbalanced.  These pistons are similar to the pistons on a hatchback, SUV, or trunk.  However, they are a little different.  First off, they are an industrial grade.  Since they will be installed in your home, they won’t be subject to the same temperature and humidity fluctuations found outdoors.  These mechanisms are rated for 10,000 cycles.  If you were to open and close your bed everyday, it would take you over 27 years to reach 10,000 cycles!

 Q:     What is the weight limit on the Murphy beds?

A:     Because each unit features a kiln-dried, solid poplar strut frame and a ¾” thick, A-grade plywood cabinet, the bed can bear well over 1,500 pounds.  Due to its extraordinary engineering, the platform frame works as a unit and distributes the weight over the entire surface area.  Our solid, anodized aluminum legs and forged steel pivot pins help to take this weight all of the way to the floor.

Q:     What is the warranty on National Casegoods products?

A:     National Casegoods proudly stands behind every product is manufactures.  The piston lift mechanism, light kit, power supplies, and other mechanical or electrical components are warranted by each respective manufacturer.  For example, the piston lift mechanism has a lifetime warranty.  Since the Murphy bed cabinet and side cabinets are manufactured from real wood, as long as they are properly cared for, they should last for generations.  Another good way to maximize the life of the furniture is to minimize moving and handling the pieces.  Moving and handling is a major contributor to product damage.

Q:     Do you provide a warranty for your products?

A:     Absolutely!  In fact, we feel that we offer one of the best warranty programs in the furniture business.  To see our complete warranty program, including our Limited Lifetime Warranty on our Piston Lift Mechanism, click here.

Q:     How do I get damaged, broken, or other items resolved?

A:     Any issues you may have can be best addressed by the furniture retailer from which you purchased your National Casegoods products.  These furniture retailers are best equipped to handle your respective order and service issues.

Q:     Is there a way to touch up the color or finish on my Murphy bed?

A:     Touch up markers may be available for purchase through the furniture retailer that you purchased your National Casegoods products.

 Q:     How difficult is it to install a National Casegoods Murphy bed?

A:     Astonishingly simple!  Using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, cutting edge cam locking systems, and easy-to-follow instructions, our Murphy beds can usually be installed in less than an hour by two people.  We also have a comprehensive, straightforward installation video that can be viewed by clicking here.  You can also count on your local furniture retailer to help you along.

Q:     I recently moved my National Casegoods Murphy bed.  During the move, I damaged a handle on the face of the bed.  Help!

A:     Don’t worry; damaged parts can usually be replaced without too much trouble.  If you need a replacement part, contact the retailer where you purchased your National Casegoods products and they can help you.  A complete listing of furniture retailers in your area is found on our "Find A Store" page.

Q: I am installing a Murphy bed on a wall that doesn’t have wood studs.  What type of fastener should I use?

A:  Not all walls are created equal; therefore your specific wall type will have a specific fastener that will work best.  Below are some suggestions, but we always recommend checking with your builder, building manager, or local hardware store for the best recommendation.

  1. Toggle bolts are the recommended fastener for walls with metal studs or lathe and plaster.
  2. Hollow wall anchors, also known as Molly anchors, are also good for metal stud walls or walls with lathe and plaster.
  3. For concrete, block, or brick walls, concrete anchors, like Tapcon® anchors, are the most common fastener.  You will also need a concrete drill bit 1/16” larger than the screw diameter for this application.

Q:     What is a Murphy bed and where have I seen them before?

A:     Murphy beds have been around for a long time – over 100 years.  You may have seen them in movies, sitcoms, and more recently on many home improvement shows.  Beds have been featured on several HGTV shows and have appeared on the hit ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Murphy bed is a generic term used to describe a bed that pivots at one end to store vertically or horizontally inside a cabinet set flush against a wall. Murphy beds are popular for use in guest bedrooms, home offices, condominiums, vacation homes, etc.  These beds can be labeled many things; wall bed, wall bed, folding bed, hideaway bed, hide a bed, closet bed, foldaway bed, fold down bed, pull down bed – you get the point.