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Just mentioning the words assembly and installation can strike fear and loathing in some people.  Many people envision hundreds of parts to put together along with spending countless hours thumbing thorough complicated and sometimes incomprehensible instructions. Since their invention in the early 1900’s, Murphy beds have had a reputation of being complicated to assemble and difficult to install.  NOT ANYMORE, THANKS TO NATIONAL CASEGOODS!!

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The installation video above demonstrates the assembly and installation of a National Casegoods Murphy bed.  Using the easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions included with each Murphy bed, assembly and installation generally takes about an hour for two people to complete.  Click the play button (>) on the bottom left corner to view the video.

At National Casegoods, we have made every effort to take the challenge and stress out of Murphy bed assembly and installation.  Thanks to our use of high quality, heavy duty Quickfit® fittings, we’ve made Murphy beds user-friendly, with simple, step-by-step instructions, far fewer parts and an easier assembly process. 

Assembling one of our beds takes only a screwdriver!  The installation is completed with a battery powered drill, a stud finder, and a ladder! Each bed includes clearly written, step-by-step instructions and all of the screws and hardware you need to complete this task.  It is critical that the bed be properly affixed to the wall.  The mounting screws included are intended for use with a wood stud wall.  Other types of walls (metal stud, concrete, plaster, etc.) will require different fasteners depending on the wall type.  Any of these alternate fasteners can be found at your closest home improvement store.  You can find more information about these fasteners click here