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Murphy beds are a unique solution to a problem faced by most people – the need for more SPACE!  Murphy beds can be used for many different reasons by many different people.  Empty nesters, baby boomers and the like are converting rooms once occupied by their children into computer rooms, home offices, hobby rooms, exercise rooms, etc. They are then able to better utilize that same room all year long instead of only having an inefficient and seldom used spare bedroom.  When family or friends arrive for a visit, they will enjoy a comfortable, safe, and attractive place to sleep.

Our products also help consumers make the most of their space in studio apartments, condos, vacation homes, and basement recreation rooms.  Due to the rising cost and availability of real estate in every town and city, more and more people are realizing the multi-functionality of our products.  People are opting to purchase cost efficient National Casegoods Murphy beds in lieu of paying much more for a whole new room addition or renovation.

Although the concept of the Murphy bed is not new, its usage fluctuated over past years.  This was due in part to the bland designs and difficult installation of the antiquated systems of the past.  Even today, many companies still offer these outdated systems and dull designs.  However, the National Casegoods line of Murphy beds has conquered all of these concerns. The company has become recognized as a supplier of the most attractive and user friendly Murphy beds anywhere.

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