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Murphy Bed Real Wood

It has been said that wood defies imitation, that no other material can match its variety and natural figure patterns.  At National Casegoods, we take great pride in manufacturing our products right here in America, using only real wood harvested from domestic forests.  We have also made a commitment to working exclusively with suppliers who share our vision of environmental consciousness.

Each piece of solid wood that we use is hand selected to ensure surface quality, consistency in tone, and grain pattern.  We use only kiln-dried, pre-graded solid wood for our platform frames, decorative moldings, cabinet face frames, and door stile and rail.

We use only ¾” thick, A-grade hardwood plywood to construct our Murphy bed cabinets, side storage cabinets, and headboards.  We use this material because it has several key advantages; strength, durability, versatility, and environmental responsibility.  Hardwood plywood is, pound for pound, stronger than steel in static bending strength.  It is extremely durable and there are examples of plywood furniture that has lasted for hundreds of years.  Hardwood plywood can be used in various sizes and shapes without worrying about checking or splitting, making it tremendously versatile.  But probably most importantly, hardwood plywood is one of the most environmentally responsible products available.

National Casegoods recognizes that conserving our resources through sound sustainability practices ensures the future of our families, the future of our company, and the future of our planet.  All of our hardwood plywood is manufactured using renewable resources, from sustainably managed domestic forests, and it’s engineered to meet the strictest state and federal emissions requirements.  Each piece utilizes an innovative and environmentally friendly adhesive that is free of urea formaldehyde, making it California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase I and Phase II compliant.  This plywood has also earned a Chain of Custody Certification by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), among others.