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Murphy Bed Mattress

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is paramount to a happy and healthy life.  If an overnight guest is visiting, a good night’s sleep may very well be the key to keeping peace in the house!  Sofa beds are famous for being extremely uncomfortable because you can feel the metal bar in the middle of your back.  Air mattresses are good for camping trips, but not for hosting grandma and grandpa.  Futons are better suited for college dorm rooms than your home office. And just because you are trying to saving space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep!

Murphy Bed Mattress
Murphy Bed Mattress Thickness

We manufacture our Murphy beds to accommodate three industry standard size mattresses; Queen, Full (sometimes referred to as Double), and Twin (sometimes referred to as Single).  Every Murphy bed from National Casegoods starts from a solid wood platform frame that gives your innerspring mattress the sturdy base it needs to properly support your body.  The Murphy bed cabinet is designed to accommodate any standard innerspring mattress, as long as it does not exceed 12 inches in total thickness. With a mattress of proper thickness, bed linens can remain in place when the Murphy bed is closed.  However, we do recommend removing any pillows or other bulky bedding prior to closing the bed. 

The counter balance mechanism in our Murphy bed designs has been engineered to offset the weight of an innerspring mattress.  Some mattresses, like viscoelastic memory foam and latex, are very heavy and will affect how heavy the bed feels when opening and closing it.  We strongly recommend checking with your local furniture retailer if you have a different mattress preference.  The counter balance mechanism is not affected by this added weight, it will simply make the bed feel heavier to operate.

Murphy Bed Open Mattress