Q: Do I need a box spring?

A: No, you do not need a box spring. The box spring is actually built into the bed, similar to a platform bed; and is comprised of double 1-1/2 inch solid wood struts.


Q: How much weight can the bed hold?

A: The weight limit of our beds is 2500 lbs. Seem like a lot? Keep in mind our murphy beds are really no different than a normal bed platform. There are four points where the bed touches the ground (just like a normal bed), and our strut frame work distributes the weight across the bed, just like a box spring. Your mattress is the only thing that determines the comfort of the bed, so make sure you select a mattress on which you and/or your guests will be comfortable.


Q: Can I use a latex mattress on the murphy bed?

A: Latex mattresses cannot be used on murphy beds.  Unlike innerspring or memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses cannot stand on-end for long periods of time and will result in an inability to operate the bed.


Q: Can I use an air mattress on the murphy bed?

A: You cannot use a blow up air mattress with our murphy beds. They are not heavy enough to counter-balance our piston lift system. Select Comfort mattresses are also not recommended due to their lack of weight.


Q: Can the murphy bed be opened and closed easily?

A: Yes, our beds operate with a pneumatic piston system; which is comparable to the pistons used on a hatch back of an SUV or minivan. They have the same smooth operation when opening and closing the bed, and assist with some of the weight that you experience from the mattress and bed face. We do not use spring loaded mechanisms on our murphy beds.


Q: Can a small child pull down the murphy bed?

A: A child less than 4 foot tall will not be able to open the bed. The decorative handles at the top of the bed are used to leverage the bed open and pull the bed down. A child is not tall enough to reach these handles.


Q: Why don’t your beds come with a lock?

A: Due to the pneumatic piston mechanism that we use, a lock is not necessary. The piston aides in holding the bed tight to the wall when it is closed.


Q: Is there a warranty on the murphy bed?

A: Yes, we offer a 10-year Warranty on all mechanical parts.