Why should you or your guests sleep on anything other than a REAL mattress? You don’t have to sacrifice bed comfort and sleep quality just because you are adding a murphy bed to your room. National Casegoods murphy beds are built to accommodate any standard innerspring mattress up to 12″ in total thickness; allowing you the same quality of sleep that you get from a normal bed set. This allows you to have all the space-saving qualities of the murphy bed AND get a great night’s sleep at the same time!


A standard innerspring mattress is the ideal mattress to use with our murphy beds, and will allow you to open and close your bed with little effort.  To ensure your bed stays down when you open the murphy bed, you will need to make sure the mattress you are using weighs at least 55 pounds or more (a mattress lighter than 55 will require you to add weight under your mattress). Most innerspring mattresses that range from 9-12 inches will weight enough to work great with our murphy beds. Our beds are built in accordance with industry standard sizing, so there is no need to look for a custom Murphy bed mattress. Below are the industry standard size mattress dimensions:

QUEEN Size Mattress: 80″ x 60″

FULL (DOUBLE) Size Mattress: 75″ x 54″

EXTRA LONG TWIN Size Mattress: 80″ x 39″

TWIN Size Mattress: 75″ x 39″


Due to the depth of our murphy beds there is a “maximum” mattress thickness of 12 inches. Most innerspring mattresses sold at local mattress stores will be somewhere around 9-12 inches in thickness. If you are shopping for a mattress at a local mattress store it would be wise to bring a tape measure with you. Depth of mattress and mattress weight are not common questions for mattress store clerks, so come prepared.  A 12” mattress depth will allow room for your blankets and comforter to remain on your bed when closing. You also can have a picture or artwork hanging on the back wall that should not exceed 1-1/2 inches in thickness.



No problem!  Just give us a call and let us know you have a mattress thicker than 12 inches, and for a small up-charge, we can increase the depth of your murphy bed to accommodate up to a 15 inch mattress (making the depth of your murphy bed approximately 20 inches.)



One thing that makes our murphy bed unique is its built-in mattress platform.  The “backbone” of a National Casegoods murphy bed is our strut framework. This framework is soundly constructed with kiln-dried, solid poplar struts.  Each strut is built by gluing and fastening two ¾” x 1½” pieces of solid poplar wood in an “L” shape.  This creates a beam structure which minimizes deflection and produces a framework that will support up to 2,500 lbs.



Mattress straps are placed on the furthest corners of the murphy bed when open. These straps are placed over the mattress BEFORE you place your fitted sheet. The straps hold your mattress tight to the bed face making it easier for the bed face and mattress to stay together when the bed is opened and closed.  The straps also keeps the mattress from leaning back towards the wall when the bed is closed, which prevents it from touching any pictures or artwork you may (or may not) have on the back wall.


When you close your murphy bed you can leave your sheets, blankets and comforter in place. Just be sure to tuck them in along the mattress to ensure they remain concealed when the bed is closed. Most of our customers who purchase vertical beds will hang a picture on the wall inside the bed, which makes the bed more decorative when the bed is down. When using a 12″ mattress (maximum size) you will have 2″ of space left inside when the bed is closed.



Q: How much weight can the bed hold?

A: The weight limit of our beds is 2500 lbs. Seem like a lot? Keep in mind our murphy beds are really no different than a normal bed platform. There are four points where the bed touches the ground (just like a normal bed), and our strut frame work distributes the weight across the bed, just like a box spring. Your mattress is the only thing that determines the comfort of the bed, so make sure you select a mattress on which you and/or your guests will be comfortable.


Q: Can I use a latex mattress on the murphy bed?

A: Latex mattresses cannot be used on murphy beds.  Unlike innerspring or memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses cannot stand on-end for long periods of time and will result in an inability to operate the bed.


Q: Can I use an air mattress on the murphy bed?

A: You cannot use a blow up air mattress with our murphy beds. They are not heavy enough to counter-balance our piston lift system. Select Comfort mattresses are also not recommended due to their lack of weight.