If your room has ample ceiling height and adequate floor space, the vertical design is your best option. This is the most popular orientation because it sleeps exactly the same as a typical bed. With a variety of face designs and stain colors to choose from, your fully functioning, space-saving murphy bed becomes a beautifully hidden secret; contained in handcrafted, real wood fine furniture. Available in Twin, XL Twin, Full(Double) and Queen Sizes.



If your room has lower ceilings or if the space in front of the bed will be limited, perhaps our horizontal design is the best solution. Once opened, our horizontal bed gives you the comfort you need for a good nights sleep. The added functionality of an eye-level shelf is an added bonus of our horizontal designs. Available in Twin, XL Twin, Full(Double) and Queen Sizes.


Need extra storage next to your Murphy Bed? Consider adding a Side Cabinet that will match your bed’s material and finish. Choose from a variety of combinations that include doors, open shelving or drawers. Accessories are also available to add to your Side Cabinet- which can include a pull out Night Stand, a pull out Clothes Valet, Glass Shelving or Lighting!